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ECRDN Engineering established in 1994 and have since enjoyed a Reputation for reliability, honesty and integrity in the field Of Electronic Engineering Audio, Video, High End Electronics, Mil Specs Electronics, Repair, Upgrade, and servicing. We are Located in, New York NY, Georgetown D.C and have recently Expanded ECRDN Engineering has spent the past 24 years providing New York and Washington D.C with some of the best in Electronics Engineering Service.

Our Goal and Dedication

AT ECRDN Engineering our goal is to create a balance between work time and personal time, ECRDN Engineering is dedicated to improving people's lives through the use of advanced technology and a commitment for innovation, quality, value, and design,


Efficiency and Reliability

ECRDN Engineering consistently achieves some of the best benchmarks in the industry. How do we achieve these results? By utilizing advanced manufacturing processes in our electronics repairs services, by leveraging IT tools that provide real-time and detailed feedback, and by employing some of the best manufacturing quality and engineering professionals

Our Expertise

ECRDN Engineering Committed to supplying optimal electronics engineering services, we demand high level of efficiency reliability and extensive knowledge from our staff in everything we do. that kind of attitude lead us to 24 years of successful operation, we deal with complicated instruments that require extensive knowledge and high accuracy it's not an easy task but we always strive to be the best.

Latest News

06/01/2016 We expand our operation to France and Germany

02/01/2015 Electronics engineering design and development

12/01/2011 Mil - Specs electronics Mil - Standards electronics

10 /01/ 2011 TI Graphics and Scientific Calculator Repair

08 /01/ 2005 Water damage electronics, Highend Electronics

Board and Component-level repair 100%
Engineering design and development 100%
Setting the standard in excellence 100%
Efficiency and Reliability 100%



Our expertise in electronics engineering enables us to handle every aspect of design, testing, repair, upgrades, extensive service industry experience we utilize our technical expertise scientific approach for fast and reliable solution to speed up the process.