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Water Damage Electronics Repair 

We use a scientific approach to repair and restore your electronics to its original state

Mary started her career as a clerk at Walmart and soon was promoted for a junior inventory specialist. She’s showed her intention to work with the company and improve the working process. Few years later Mary was invited for a position of Inventory Manager here, at Modulet. We appreciate her impact to our business and are happy she’s one of us.

Water damage diagnostic

Troubleshooting to component level saves you money. Entire circuit boards are often not available, and if they are, the cost is often prohibitive. You end up discarding a fine piece of equipment which could have been repaired

Water damaged LCD

Unfortunately, your LCD screen isn’t very tolerant of water either. If water gets underneath the glass and touches the digitizer, the LCD screen will automatically die. There’s not really any recovery from this one, which is why when a screen breaks on a phone, watch or other device, you usually have to replace the whole thing. Sorry in advance.

Short circuiting

You know that scene in movies, where a splash of water onto a computer causes sparks to fly? Well, that might be a tad dramatic, but what they’re trying to represent is a computer short circuiting.  Short circuiting is the result of impurities from your everyday drinking water making new pathways between parts in your computer where there shouldn’t be, causing electricity to flow where it shouldn’t and doing damage to your device.

We have the best solution

In our experience, water damage to electronic devices can arise from simple high humidity to actual submersion and all points in between. Whether your equipment will ever work again is dependent on how much water has been taken in, how long the device has been permitted to sit in the water or with water on it, and what actions are taken and when to remedy the water damage